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earl-0765.jpg Clair, but spent his summers in his fathers home state of Alabama. The amalgam of musical influences during his upbringing informs his rich, diverse sound. His father listened to blues and soul, and his mother favored gospel and R&B, providing an osmotic education which he supplemented with early 2000s hip-hop: Southern rap innovators like Houston screw and New Orleans Cash Money Records intermingled with Nas, Jay-Z and Kanye West, the genres kingpins. This triangulation rings true to his catalog, one that reaches back to soul and roots rock, built upon his hip-hop sensibilities and deftness. He burrows into this nook, then uses his utterly unique vocal instrument to explore it in different ways. And his voice is truly an instrument. Its gravelly, rumbling texture, growling range and almost percussive elements evoke Ray Charles, Alabama Shakes frontwoman Brittany Howard, Cee-Lo Green and Andre 3000. He can keep it subdued over simmering bass riffs or stretch it out to Prince-esque shrieks on top of crescendoing brass and church organs. St. Clair has been blessed with vocal chops that dont confine him and a producers mentality that allows him to venture along different avenues. I dont want to be boxed in, he states.

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flirt date in Los Angeles

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